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Finally, the publication "Dartstellende Künste im öffentlichen Raum" (Performing Arts in Public Space) appears as Recherchen 127 at Theater der Zeit, after Günther Jeschonneck worked on it for a long time with the support of many ensembles. We are all the more pleased because the photo on the spine of the book is from our production "Zu Goldenen Leben". You can see our colleague Pietro Micci on the ParaDies site in Cologne.

+++ Performing Arts in Public Space
Transformations of Unplaces and Aesthetic Interventions by Günter Jeschonnek - BOOK PRESENTATION: 11.12.2017 18:00UHR, DIE HALLE TANTBÜHNE BERLIN +++

by André 08.12.2017
Publisher's text:
"What can the performing arts achieve in public space? On the basis of 18 theatre and dance projects from all over Germany, this volume shows how so-called "non-places" in public space are experimentally conquered and transformed into theatrical spaces of effect and temporary new living spaces. The contributions were produced as part of a symposium on the significance of performing arts and interdisciplinary aesthetic interventions in public space. 250 artists, academics and cultural politicians from Germany and abroad participated in this symposium, which took place in Berlin in 2015. The focus was on questions about the necessary political framework conditions and the growing aesthetic diversity of this art form, as well as the interrelationships between the processes of change in cities, rural areas and the arts. With contributions by Hilke Berger, Matthias Däumer, Walter Grasskamp, Thomas Kaestle, Heinz Schütz, Frauke Surmann, Harald Welzer and Georg Winter, among others.

Published in cooperation with the Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum and the Fonds Darstellende Künste."

Tags: germany / fdk / paradise / performance / theatre