From GERMANY with love

a participatory performance about the identity of two cities

+++ The next Futur3 premiere: 01.02.2020 7pm at Teatr Lesi (Lviv/Ukraine) +++


In cooperation with neue Bühne Senftenberg (Germany) and Teatr Lesi (Lviv/Ukraine)

Did you ever hear of Senftenberg, Germany? No? Don’t worry, you will get a chance to come to know the citizens of this little city between Dresden and Berlin! They will send you a parcel, filled with traces from their life’s in Brandenburg, which is one of the big coal mining areas in Germany – and things are changing very quickly there. In FROM GERMANY WITH LOVE you will meet a young woman born in this town, who left the city, went to Australia to become a patissiere and then came back to open up the city’s best café. Or the old director of a coal mine and the miners choir – that will vanish in the 10 years to come, as all its members are 80+ – but you will listen to one of their favorite songs. You will also meet two very bright boys age 10 and their hobbies. And a social worker, a young mother and teacher and some more. You will eat and drink what the people from Senftenberg love… and in the end you will know them a little bit, the inhabitants of a little city 1500km away – and their sorrows and joys.
And in February the people in Senftenberg will get a parcel from Lviv: FROM UKRAINE WITH LOVE!

The project is supported by the Doppelpass Fund of the Federal Cultural Foundation of Germany.

Schlagwörter: borderlands / deutschland / fonds doppelpass / performance / ukraine