We are pleased about the very positive response and have collected some photos and press comments here.

1938 Stimmen-1160
1938 Stimmen-9396
1938 Stimmen-9537
1938 Stimmen-1059
1938 Stimmen-9644
1938 Stimmen-1212
1938 Stimmen-9473
1938 Stimmen-0987
1938 Stimmen-9556
Photos: ©Martin Rottenkolber

A resumption for 2021 is targeted.
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"Again and again one is struck by how naïve and enthusiastic, close and familiar, self-evident and personal the journey into being a Nazi is portrayed - and how easy it would have been to do it oneself."

Theatre Today, Dorothea Marcus

"An encounter with the past whose intensity packs a punch."

"Whoever experiences the "Stimmen" [...] urgently wants to investigate further and ask for causes. What more could one want?"

KSTA, Frank Olbert

"Spherical sounds (music: Jörg Ritzenhoff) and vocals (Mariana Sadovska), vivid video paintings (Kane Kampmann) on the walls and some absurd humour ("When my husband had the great fortune to be allowed to hand the Führer a refreshment") make this history trail a lasting experience."

Kölnische Rundschau, Rolf-Rüdiger Hamacher

"Political theatre does not appeal to everyone, especially because experience shows that there is little to laugh about. You might even have to think. And in the new production of Futur3 , one's laughter sometimes gets stuck in one's throat. The personal strain on the visitor is enormous. But whoever arrives in the courtyard feels washed clean. Great."

Original sound, Michael S. Zerban

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