Cologne dances at the City Dance

and Futur3 dances along.

+++On 03.09.2016 Stefanie Thiersch makes Cologne dance on her City Dance project. Futur3 dances with +++

City Dance Cologne is a 12-hour walk with over 300 professional and non-professional dancers and musicians, orchestras, choirs, Cologne citizens - and of course you! Together we want to explore the most diverse places in the city - places steeped in history, non-places and hidden places.

André Erlen will be in charge of the tour. Together with the Asasello Quartet and other musicians, Mariana Sadovska will sing compositions by Brigitta Muntendorf at two stations on the 12-hour tour through the city.

03.09.2016 from 9:00am Rheinpark Cologne
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Keywords: germany / europe / inclusion / art / music / performance / politics / dance