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konzept&zufall – Alle Folgen

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Ukraine und BORDERLANDS:



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In englischer Sprache

Juli 2022

Lena Conrad (Spiel), André Erlen (künstlerische Leitung, Regie ), Stefan H. Kraft (Künstlerische Leitung & Spiel), Isabelle Merkulova (Spiel),Viktoria Shvydko (Koordination), Maren Simoneit (Dramaturgie), Olha Puzhakovska (Intendantin Teatr Lesi)

The One Next Door:


Speak with:

Februar 2022

André Erlen (künstlerische Leitung, Regie & Zeichnung); Stefan H. Kraft (Künstlerische Leitung & Spiel); Rebecca M. Hundt (Spiel); Charlotte Luise Fechner (Autorin); Sandra Nuy (Dramaturgin)

1934 - Stimmen:


Speak with:

December 2021

André Erlen (artistic direction & stage direction); Stefan H. Kraft (artistic direction & play); Charlotte Luise Fechner (selection/editing of the Abel papers & choral text); Sandra Nuy (selection/editing of the Abel papers & consulting)



Short description:

December 2021

What can you expect in the podcast from Futur3? This short trailer describes it.

To the podcast series: konzept&zufall

The title of our podcast is also intended to describe our working method: "Futur3 Theatre: konzept&zufall".
In the podcast we give an insight into the rehearsal room and backstage at Futur3.
The audience is invited to ask questions. Of all kinds!
So for example: about the brand of our mask products; where we come across our themes; why the last project was so sensationally interesting/boring/pressing/meaningless etc.; whether we will also play in Bielefeld sometime; why we think that plays about Nazis still need to be made; and so on.

For each episode we collect your questions on a specific topic - from our everyday work or from the niches of our theatre research. Or you can surprise us with your own topics, suggestions and questions about working in independent theatre.
You can send us questions wherever you find us:
- via email to info[at]futur-drei.de
- on Instagram @futur3_theatre
- below in the comments.

For the podcast, the questions are written down on cards and placed upside down on the table. The cards are drawn face down in turn and answered spontaneously. As quickly and precisely as possible - in no more than 2 minutes. Then comes the next question.

A different group sits around the table for each episode: the artistic directors of Futur3 and other members and associates of the Futur3 family.
Depending on the theme, sometimes the dramaturgy, sometimes the music, sometimes the stage design - and of course the actors.


The podcast Futur3 Theatre: concept & coincidence takes place with changing speakers. It is part of "Re-Link Theatre", and as such by and with:
André Erlen, Stefan H. Kraft (artistic direction); Martin Herrndorf (communication strategist); Charlotte Luise Fechner, Sandra Nuy (audience communication & podcast consulting); Jörg Ritzenhoff (audio & jingle); Peggy Lex (graphic design); Fotis Totolidis (programmer); Nastassja Pielartzik (project assistance); Theresa Heußen (production management).


The podcast Futur3 Theatre: konzept&zufall was created as part of Re-Link Theatre, supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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