konzept&zufall: 1934 - Stimmen

Do you have any questions about the play or Futur3? We answer them in the new podcast.

A podcast on 1934 - Stimmen.

Thank you for all the feedback and exciting questions you have already asked us on the sidelines of the performances.
We don't want to leave these questions unanswered!

That's why we are launching our new podcast series, Futur3 Theatre: konzept&zufall, with an episode on 1934 - Stimmen.
The episode will be published before the end of December 2021 and will answer as many of your questions about the play as possible.

You haven't asked your questions about 1934 - Stimmen yet?
Send your questions, comments and input to info[at]futur-drei.de by 8 December and we will take you into the recording studio.

Speaking with: André Erlen (artistic direction & stage direction), Stefan H. Kraft (artistic direction & play); Charlotte Luise Fechner (selection/editing of the Abel papers & choral text); Sandra Nuy (selection/editing of the Abel papers & advice).

To the podcast series. konzept&zufall

With the title of our podcast, we also want to describe our working method: "Futur3 Theatre: konzept&zufall".
In the podcast we give an insight into the rehearsal room of Futur3 - and into the performance practice: the audience is invited to ask questions. Of all kinds! Such as: About the brand of our mask products; where we come across our themes; why the last project was so sensationally interesting/boring/pressing/meaningless etc.; whether we will also play in Bielefeld sometime; why we think you still have to make plays about Nazis; and so on.
In our podcast, the questions are written down on cards and placed upside down on the table. There sit: the artistic directors of Futur3 and other members and associates of the Futur3 family. Depending on the topic, sometimes the dramaturgy, sometimes the music, the stage design - and of course the actors. The people at the table take turns drawing a question card and have to answer. As quickly, precisely and spontaneously as possible! In a maximum of 2 minutes. Then comes the next question.

You can findmore information here.


The podcast Futur3 Theatre: konzept&zufall is part of Re-Link Theatre, funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

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