SPEAK OUT. Participatory pop-up theatre

How can a theatrical "social game" look like that shifts the public space and its debates into the living room and how can spectators become players, empowered to stage themselves along the rules of the game in these very debates?

Photos: ©Futur3

SPEAK OUT wants to playfully illuminate the playing field of democratic community against the backdrop of the collective pandemic experience:
As participants in a global real-time "experiment" without a script, we currently feel directly that individual freedom cannot be separated from responsibility for others and the social whole.
In the crash course we experience how quickly existing agreements between community and individual can be redefined.

Where on this "playing field" is our position as a private person? As a group? What is "relevant" in our system?

With the Reload grant from the Federal Cultural Foundation, Futur3 will be able to explore these questions in autumn 2020 and continue searching for the form of a theatrical setting without performers, infrastructure or technology. The wish: pop-up theatre for the home.

André Erlen, Stefan H. Kraft, Luzia Schelling, Irene Eichenberger, Theresa Heußen

Funded in the programme Reload. Grants for independent groups from the Federal Cultural Foundation