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Info on Re-Link

Re-Link makes new contacts between you and Futur3.
New insights and opportunities to help develop the pieces - digitally and continuously. But also live and selectively. At your PC and in the theatre.

konzept&zufall - a podcast for Futur3

A title that describes our way of working: "Futur3 Theatre: konzept&zufall".The podcast accompanies Futur3 during the current play development, rehearsal phases and research projects.
We regularly call for new question rounds, on Instagram, via newsletter and online, and invite you to ask questions. Of all kinds!
In the podcast, questions are drawn face down and answered in a maximum of 2 minutes. quick, precise and spontaneous!

@futur3_theatre - Instagram to join in

Through the Instagram account of Futur3 you will get insights into the rehearsal work of Futur3 and opportunities to create characters and learn about themes even before the premiere.
Follow our story polls and be curious which answers and influences you will find on stage.

You can also enter into more in-depth discussions in the group chat. Chat groups complement the respective formats, e.g. they offer the opportunity to ask questions again while listening to the podcast or to ask the next question.
For access to the chat, simply send a short message via DM or the comment function.

Watch - Back to the Theatre

Go to the theatre - to our current play or to our colleagues in and around Cologne!
Find inspiration for yourself and your everyday life. Describe your impressions and ask yourself and us new questions for the next round konzept&zufall.

For more info on Re-Link Theatre, click here.

By and with: André Erlen, Stefan H. Kraft (artistic direction); Martin Herrndorf (communication strategist); Charlotte Luise Fechner, Sandra Nuy (audience communication & podcast consulting); Peggy Lex (graphic design); Fotis Totolidis (programmer); Nastassja Pielartzik (project assistance); Theresa Heußen (production management)


Re-Link Theatre is supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media


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