Quarantine AND empty walls?

Futur3 and Orangery Theatre help!

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Quarantine AND empty walls?
In every performance of "Shit Island" - a great story of a small island staged for the Orangerie Theatre by Futur3 - a painted picture is created live. Director (and graduate of the Düsseldorf Art Academy) André Erlen paints this unique island in cross-section and follows the narrative of the fate of its inhabitants pictorially. In this way, a unique piece is created in each performance.

As a visual bonus track of this difficult time of quarantine, you can now purchase one of these pictures for the supporter price of €150.00 - framing included, of course. You are helping one of Cologne's most productive theatre ensembles and recycling art! We will be happy to issue you with a donation receipt.
If you are interested, please send an e-mail to info@futur-drei.de

In addition, every picture sold comes with a voucher for a ticket to the next production of Futur3, which will premiere in autumn (if the politicians and virologists want): "Stimmen - 1934".

You can also sign up for our email distribution list at any time on the Futur3 website.

Stay more than healthy!

Your Futur3 team

Tags: stage design / colonialism / art / performance