Diploma production "HalenaPrimus

André directs the final production of 2018 with the graduates of the Theatre Academy Cologne.

+++ A production of the Akademietheater e.V. at the Studiobühne Köln +++

from F3 08.01.2018

The helots are the top product of the company "HalenaPrimus". They were created in our image. We rule this world and the machines are subservient to us. But what happens when this order is turned upside down, when the desire for freedom can no longer be stopped? When helots dream, love and hate. What becomes of us then?
We are in a not too distant future where human-like machines are part of our society. The play deals with existential questions about one's own identity with a view to the future. It is the perpetual search for oneself and the meaning and raison d'être in this world. It is about optimisation, artificial intelligence and the unstoppable progress and its consequences.

Maps: www.studiobuehnekoeln.de

Natalie Buba | Sabrina Flöhl | Sarah Klose | Sabina Kukuk (author) | Tom Raczko | Sophie Roßfeld | Sahra-Schirin Vafai | Julia von Maydell

André Erlen

Assistant Director
Noelle Fleckenstein | Simon Greichgauer

Gregor Weber | Justin Dörpinghaus

Premiere: 19 January 2018

Studio Stage Cologne

Further play dates:
20 - 23 January 2018
16 - 18 March 2018

Tags: germany / theatre