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At the Asphalt Festival 2019, the people of Düsseldorf received "mail from over there"! We have collected some reactions here


"In a playful way, "Post von Drüben!" marks the cracks that still run through Germany 30 years after the fall of the Wall. [...] In such moments, which not only build a bridge from East to West, but also hold a mirror up to you, lies the charm of this project, which seeks the political in the everyday."
"In a playful way, "Post von Drüben!" marks the cracks that still run through Germany 30 years after the fall of the Wall. [...] A project that seeks the political in the everyday."

Night Review

"The amazing thing: You slowly feel your way until everyone joins in. You start talking, share personal memories of November 1989."
"But be careful: Weimarern is not about flat, yesterday's Ostalgie, but they send us their memories, food for thought and exhortations - packaged in humorous, affectionate irony."

West German Newspaper

"A lot of clichés to start with, showing how stereotypes shape perception as long as people hardly know each other. It becomes more intense when everyday objects emerge from the boxes, such as washing powder from the GDR era, which you can take a whiff of. And then there are messages that make it clear which grievances and sensitivities continue to burden the relationship between East and West to this day. For example, when a voice says that it felt the unification as a takeover. Or another wants to get rid of the fact that there were inventions in the GDR that were sold to the West for foreign currency. Or one warns not to scold pensioners from the East, who after all also worked and tried to make the best of their lives. Alienated by the readers from Düsseldorf, none of this comes across as lachrymose. The texts simply stand in the room and are allowed to take effect. For once there is no discussion, but listening. In complete silence. This also creates funny moments, such as when a voice says: "Trust the East! Drop a few clichés, and I'll give you the gift of dropping clichés too".
It makes you want to get to know the anonymous speakers from the box. To get to know Weimar. To meet the East. With the most beautiful simplicity, "Futur3" thus awakens what is often missing between East and West: unbiased, human interest.""

Rhenish Post

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