Being an Artist in Capitalism 2

"In art, and only there, there seems to be a way to stay with oneself instead of being exposed to the constraints of capitalism, and at the same time to be able to be perceived in the world and also to be successful in a sense that follows capitalist logic." [Ralf Peters]

from Andre Erlen

In September, stimmfeld e.V. and the Free Trade Zone are organising a colloquium that poses the question of the role of the artist in capitalism. We will report on this in due course and present related and relevant topics.

Being Artist in Capitalism/Being Artist in Capitalism

A colloquium for artists of all disciplines on 17/18 September 2016 in Cologne

With the philosophers and artists Volkmar Mühleis and Ralf Peters and the systemic coach Georgia Hüls.
Direction and moderation: Ralf Peters
Free admission!

How can one
- survive as an artist in our global capitalist society,
- to pursue one's own artistic projects and hope for resonance
- and avoid becoming a victim of capitalist logic?

We want to offer a colloquium for artists to discuss these questions with each other - with the aim of gaining new clues for personal positioning in the thoroughly economised society.
In doing so, we assume that capitalism as a state of mind and as a system dominating society is currently simultaneously "in a state of defeat and its invincibility" (Jakob Augstein). At the same time, there is no longer an outside of capitalism! How can I as an artist act within this system without supporting the system within myself and in the world?
The colloquium will be held in German and English, depending on the participants.


With relatively short impulse lectures (by Volkmar Mühleis and Ralf Peters), discussions (in small groups and in plenary) and the use of self-questioning techniques (including systemic constellations, led by Georgia Hüls), we want to spend a weekend together discussing starting points for an artistic personal position-fixing in the conflict with the logic of capitalism.

We will use some theses by older and contemporary thinkers to stimulate joint reflection. The German philosopher Max Scheler, who formulated remarkable thoughts on the subject a good hundred years ago, will be an important starting point for the discussions. In addition, contemporaries such as Hans Abbing, Jacques Rancière, Christoph Bartmann, Hartmut Rosa and the critique of capitalism following Boltanski/Chiapello's book "The New Spirit of Capitalism", in which artist critique has a significant role, will have their say.

Times: Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to approx. 7.00 p.m., coming together in the evening.
Sunday, 10.00 a.m. to approx. 2.00 p.m.
Venue: Free Trade Zone, Krefelder Straße 71, 50670 Cologne, Germany
Admission: free! Registration requested at

1. Ralf Peters:
a) Introduction - Artists in Capitalism: the last hundred years!
b) The four infantile ideals of capitalism and other useful thoughts by Max Scheler.

2 Volkmar Mühleis: "Originality = Competition? Artistic and capitalist principles in comparison - and what you can do yourself".

With the kind support of the German Society for Aesthetics e.V.

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