Walk in the VR

The Landesbüro freie Darstellende Künste and the Kunststiftung NRW have included Futur3 in their new mentoring programme.

+++ Futur3 takes a walk in the "VR/AR" and tries theatre there.
(VR/AR = Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality). +++

from (AE) 11.07.18

Through the mentoring programme, we can meet with specialists and experts from science, the media arts and business to experiment with the technology of VR and AR. We want to use the funding to explore the possibilities of theatre in "virtual" and "augmented reality" in a research phase independent of the project. The digital age is only 20 years old and has already completely turned many areas of our lives upside down: how we meet and date, how we travel, how we shop and how we find out about the latest haircut. How can we connect this new (virtual) everyday place and public space with (live) theatre?

We report on our research results here in the block.
-> Information on the mentoring programme is available here!

Tags: germany / vr