Parcel From Abroad

"How does your performance series 'Parcel From Abroad!' actually work? Very simple!"

In July and September 2019, we developed the version "Post von drüben!" for the Asphalt Festival Düsseldorf and the Kunstfest Weimar. Here the focus was on the question of an East and West German identity. This was followed in February 2020 by the premieres at the Neue Bühne Senftenberg and Teatr Lesi in Lviv under the titles "From Germany with Love/From Ukraine with Love". Differences and similarities in dealing with the Communist past were a focus of these events. From May to October 2020, we will show "Sender Unknown" in cooperation with colleagues from Kherson (UA) and Bishkek (KYR). It will be about the realisation of happiness and money. At the core of all performances, however, is the communication between the audience members.

from Andre Erlen

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