Futur3 is audible

on 13.03.20 at 20:05 in a feature by Deutschlandfunk.

+++ "Places of Everyday Life" - The Theatre Collective Futur3 +++

We are looking forward to a long feature about our theatre work of the last few years. We are very excited to see what journalist Marietta Morawska-Büngeler has conjured up from the many hours of interview material with the Futur3 crew and some audience members.
Listen live on 13.03.2020 at 20:05 on DLF or afterwards in the media library.

Announcement on the DLF page

Places of everyday life
The theatre collective Futur3
By Marietta Morawska-Büngeler

"The stages are: a military tent. A funeral home. Or simply the street. The themes come from everyday life. The art arises from facts. The audience is invited to participate. The Cologne theatre collective Futur3 makes theatre directly from the present - as a promise to the future."

Director: Fabian von Freier
Editor: Ulrike Bajohr
Production: Dlf 2020

link -> DLF: radio play and feature (The feature is live on 13.03. at 20:05 or available online, from 14.03.2020.).

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