Chambre d'amis

a Swiss-German friendship spectacle by Antoine Jaccoud

A couple visits another couple. One couple is German and has adopted the beautiful French expression " chambre d'amis " for their " guest room " because it sounds so neutral. The other couple is from Switzerland. She knows the German from before - as students they used to swim naked in the lake together - and she also speaks a little German, unlike her partner. The four of them spend a weekend together. What to do? What to say? What to tell each other? How do you communicate when language multiplies our differences? And finally, how does one create and nurture this friendship that has always been considered the ideal relationship between people? This is what the play explores with a certain, even comic, cruelty, inviting the audience to take a seat for a moment as a friend between our two couples.

An evening of theatre in French and German

"Friendship is a condition which exists when each friend believes himself to have a slight superiority over the other."

Honore de Balzac


Premiere: 21.11.2016 - 20:00 hrs
Further dates: 22.11.-25.11.2014 | 12.05.-16.05.2015, each at 20:00 hrs.
Venue: studiobühneköln, Universitätsstr. 16a, 50937 Cologne

Press commentary

"Wonderfully funny how the four actors, dad-like stammering, try to turn the awkward situation into a communal experience, serving up "regional products", drinking lots of wine and playing Scrabble with the boxes. The futility of their friendship invocations eventually culminates in a wild wine spitting men's duel before everyone fraternises again - audience included. Friendship for one evening at least."

Barbro Schuchardt, Kölnische Rundschau

"A "Chambre d'Amis" that is at once ridiculous and virtuosic. In this bilingual play, four excellent actors meet as couples, in silence and in the unspoken."

La Liberté (CH)


with: Françoise Boillat, Vincent Fontannaz, Rebecca Madita Hundt, Stefan H. Kraft Text and dramaturgy: Antoine JaccoudArtisticdirection: Francoise Boillat, Stefan H. Kraft Stage design and set design: Petra Maria Wirth Costume design: Isa Boucharlat Sound design: Raphael Raccuia Kraft Set and design: Petra Maria Wirth Costume design: Isa Boucharlat Sound design: Raphael Raccuia Lighting: Boris Kahnert Production management & assistant artistic director: Theresa Hupp Production management: Cristina Martinoni, Anne-Laure Sahy | rue#917 (CH), Armin Leoni, Rut Profe-Bracht (D) Press relations: neurohr & andrä

© A production by Compagnie Selma 95 (Lausanne, CH) and Futur3
In co-production with Arsenic (Lausanne, CH), Théâtre des Osses (Fribourg, CH), studiobühneköln and Freihandelszone - Ensemblenetzwerk Köln e.V.
Funded by:
Cultural Office of the City of Cologne | Kunststiftung NRW | Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia | Canton de Vaud | Ville de Lausanne | Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes SIS | Société Suisse des Auteurs

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