Soft Core

a love story theatre by Futur3 and ensemble. Summer Blood Cultural Festival 2016.

They touch us. They captivate us. They make us cry and sometimes laugh. Some love them and others hate them. Love scenes - there is hardly a film without them. Again and again they feed our unbroken longing for fulfilled love.

Futur3 transfers the powerful visual worlds of the dream factories to the Cologne wholesale market with an inclusive ensemble. The old auction hall becomes a film studio, the street a set. In front of a running camera, moments of unconditional devotion and cool games flash up in close-up or close-up to explore the soft core of our existence from the most diverse perspectives.

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"Two actors act out the confession scene from Breaking the Waves while several colleagues film the scene and a crew at the mixers determine what appears on the screen above the scene. Film, theatre and our memory of the "original" film images mix with our own experiences. This can be as brutal as in Lars von Trier's film, it can be touching as in a love scene between an older woman and a young "guest worker" from Fassbinder's "Fear Eats the Soul", it can be funny like a re-enacted Tarzan scene.
The two fictitious interviews with the intellectuals Niklas Luhmann and Slavoj Zizek are wonderfully absurd and enlightening.

Hans Christoph Zimmermann in CHOICES


Premiere: 01.05.2016 - 20:00 hrs
Further dates: 02.05.| 03.05. | 08.05.2016-10.05.2016, each at 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Alte Versteigerungshalle, Marktstraße 10, 50968 Cologne (Raderberg)


Cast: Levent Akgül, Marietta Bürger, Olga Daryna Drachuk, Jan Dziobek, Andrea Eberl, Carola Eckardt-Gerdesmann, Rebecca Madita Hundt, Stefan H. Kraft, Tobias Teschner, Slim Weidenfeld, Regina Welz
Director: André Erlen, Dramaturgy: Nicole Nikutowski, Video Design: Marcus Vila Richter & Rebekka Reich, Lighting Design/Technique: Boris Kahnert, Stage: Eva Sauermann, Costumes: Jennifer Henkel, Sound: Mario Forth, Project Management: Felix Dornseifer, Project Assistance: Olga Koziluk and Paul Gerome Hölters, Assistants: Frank Reinmann, Mehiar Jamal Al-Jarrah, Graphics: Maya Hässig, Press: Jens Ofiera, Producer: Rolf Emmerich

© SOFT CORE is a theatre production of the X-SÜD project.
X-SÜD brings together different actors for an interim cultural use of Parkstadt Süd, the new neighbourhood project in the south of Cologne.
A production by KUBIST e.V. in cooperation with Kunsthaus KAT18, GWK, Kulturfestival Sommerblut e.V. and Futur3
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Stiftung Wohlfahrtspflege, Aktion Mensch und Kämpgen Stiftung.

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Tags: germany / inclusion / performance / politics