A chatbot performance

"When I woke up one morning from restless dreams, I found myself transformed into a bot."

Rem_theBot has suddenly woken up and lost his dream. It's a good thing that you click on the green speech bubble at the bottom right and go with him on a search for his lost dream.

Will you manage to find the dream again? Or must Rem_derBot remain dreamless forever? Let's go! He's already waiting for you eagerly! 🙂

Have fun!

Notes on use

You should take 20-30 minutes, because dream quests take time. Be sure to plug in your headphones and/or set the sound to loud.

If Rem_derBot gets impatient and leaves you (or you had something better to do in between and didn't get through to the end: with a simple "Hi" he can usually be restarted without any problems.
Rem_derBot tends to monologue (no wonder, he comes from the performance area, see also About the project below) - and when he's really in the flow, he doesn't like to be interrupted. So don't take it amiss if he only reacts to your messages with a roll of the eyes... 

Be patient with him - he is my first bot: we are both still learning.

Please send applause and praise to rembot. futur3 (and, of course, critical comments).

Notes on data protection

Rem_derBot runs on the Flowxo programme - all the data you enter is stored there for three months. But: the data does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your person. For technical optimisation, only information about your application (i.e. which browser is being used) and the time/date are stored. All the information you provide is voluntary. 

About the project

Rem_derBot opens our new series Futur3*klicks:
With the support of the RheinEnergieStiftung, Futur3 is working for three years on playful activities for the net to create a theatrical, digital stage. A topic that has gained in importance not least because of the ongoing pandemic.
Rem_derBot is a spinoff of our theatre performance WE HAVE A DREAM, for which we dreamed and logged dreams together as an ensemble. Rem_derBot is left over.

You can find more information about WE HAVE A DREAM HERE!


Charlotte Luise Fechner (scripting & technical implementation)

André Erlen, Stefan H. Kraft (management), Theresa Heußen (assistance),
Christian Frenken (graphics, social media)