In the future, information and contributions on digital theatre will be collected at Futur3*klicks from Futur3.
Since 2019, Futur3, with the support of the RheinEnergie Foundation, has been researching playful activities for the web to create a theatrical, digital stage. This is a topic that has gained in importance, not least due to the ongoing pandemic.

With *klicks, the Futur3 ensemble explores how its own theatre work can be consciously shaped and steered into the expanded public space - the digital space - and thus, of course, how new audiences can be won.
Is it possible to reach a generation of spectators or 'users' who do not (or no longer) visit theatres and temples of culture? How can theatre work be continued in the digital space?

Futur3 also wants to go innovative and experimental ways in this area. To this end, different digital applications are developed parallel to the theatre projects or subsequently, which accompany theatrical themes, complement them or continue the content:
playful, low-threshold, interactive

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