The City of Turtles

A theatrical adventure game according to the rules of the road. By Klaus Fehling and André Erlen.

How do we imagine the everyday life of a homeless person in our city? Which places, which paths are significant? What ideas do hares have about the world of tortoises?
Join the players of this fantastic adventure game in hostels, soup kitchens and clothing stores. Rediscover the streets of our city and try to play by the rules of those who know their way around. Try not to forget what you are: a hare in the world of turtles.
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Tags: germany / summer blood / theatre

No-go area

A new play by André Erlen and Klaus Fehling for the cultural festival Sommerblut.

In unpleasant encounters in the city, flight is often a better strategy than talking or fighting. The most efficient route is always the straight line from A to B. The aim of the parkour runners is to overcome the obstacles in their way, such as walls, houses or cars, as efficiently as possible. Director André Erlen and author Klaus Fehling let us see the city through different eyes - as a network of straight lines, as a training parkour with its own rules and heroes. One of them is the "Iron Man", who in a regular podcast not only gives tips and instructions for physical and mental exercise, but also calls on us to peacefully reclaim the city's no-go areas. Which face is hidden behind the voice of the "Iron Man" is a secret. Until a parkour-enthusiastic physiotherapist is called for a house call to a very special no-go area where the straight lines no longer have any meaning.
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Tags: klaus fehling / cologne / summer blood / theatre