Die Revolution lässt ihre Kinder verhungern

Eine theatrales Panoramabild über die Inszenierung von Geschichte(n) am Beispiel des Holodomor in der Ukraine 1932/33

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Make Art Not War

Ein Solidaritäts-Happening für die Menschen in der Ukraine

Die Menschen in der Ukraine, einschließlich unserer Künstlerkolleg*innen, sind nach sieben Jahren Krieg, der 13.000 Menschenleben gekostet hat und über eine Millionen Menschen zur Flucht gezwungen hat, wieder in einer sehr bedrohlichen Lage. Uns erreichen immer mehr Nachrichten von Kolleg*innen, die eine Flucht-Tasche gepackt haben, sich im Schießen ausbilden lassen, oder vor Sorge bereits ihren Wohnort verlassen haben. Wir wollen als Künstler*innen in Köln ein Zeichen der Solidarität mit den Menschen in der Ukraine setzen, deren Friede, Freiheit und Leben bedroht sind. Sie brauchen unser aller Unterstützung, jetzt!
Deshalb feiern wir ein Happening der Künste, mit Musik, Lesung, Talks und live-Gesprächen mit Menschen aus allen Regionen der Ukraine.

Dabei sein werden, vor Ort oder im Live-Stream:
Boris Chersonskij – Schriftsteller, Odessa
Navid Kermani – Schriftsteller, Köln
Stefko Hanushevsky– Schauspieler, Köln
Juri Andruchowytsch – Schriftsteller, Ivano-Frankiwsk
Serhij Zhadan – Schriftsteller, Charkiw
Lyuba Yakimchuk – Schriftstellerin
Margaux Kier – Sängerin, Köln
Ralf Peters – Performancekünstler, Köln
Antonina Romanowa – Schauspielerin, ehem. Krim jetzt Kyiv
Mykola Homeniuk – Kulturaktivist und Soziologe, Cherson
Jarry Singla – Musiker, Köln
Christian Thomé – Musiker, Köln
Mariana Sadovska – Sängerin, Köln
Vitali Alekseenok – Dirigent, Belarus
Teatr Lesi – Lviv
Künstler*innen-Kollektiv Zagrajyarochka und Iryna Kriutschenko, Wolnowacha
Christian Diemer – Komponist, Kyiv
André Erlen – Theatermacher, Köln
Bettina Hesse – Stimmkünstlerin + Autorin, Köln
Slava Gepner – Choreograph, Köln
Anika Winkelmeier – Journalistin, Köln
Zhanna Nemtsova – Journalistin, Moskau
Jewgenija Tschuikowa – Malerin, Düsseldorf/Moskau

Wann: Sonntag, 13.02.22, 15:00 Uhr
Wo: Tanzfaktur
Siegburger Straße 233 w (Hinterhof)
50679 Köln

Eintritt frei
2G – Zutritt erhalten geimpfte oder genese Besucher*innen. Im Publikum herrscht Maskenpflicht

Schön, wenn Sie am Sonntag dabei sind!

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SPEAK OUT. Participatory pop-up theatre

How can a theatrical "social game" look like that shifts the public space and its debates into the living room and how can spectators become players, empowered to stage themselves along the rules of the game in these very debates?

Photos: ©Futur3

SPEAK OUT wants to playfully illuminate the playing field of democratic community against the backdrop of the collective pandemic experience:
As participants in a global real-time "experiment" without a script, we currently feel directly that individual freedom cannot be separated from responsibility for others and the social whole.
In the crash course we experience how quickly existing agreements between community and individual can be redefined.

Where on this "playing field" is our position as a private person? As a group? What is "relevant" in our system?

With the Reload grant from the Federal Cultural Foundation, Futur3 will be able to explore these questions in autumn 2020 and continue searching for the form of a theatrical setting without performers, infrastructure or technology. The wish: pop-up theatre for the home.

André Erlen, Stefan H. Kraft, Luzia Schelling, Irene Eichenberger, Theresa Heußen

Funded in the programme Reload. Grants for independent groups from the Federal Cultural Foundation


A post-colonial South Seas dream.

Nauru is a tiny South Sea island. Its surface was covered metres thick with phosphate, which was created from bird droppings. Because of this raw material, the island experienced a rollercoaster ride through capitalism: indigenous tribal structure, German colony, richest country in the world, state bankruptcy. Today, the phosphate has been mined, the island devastated, the population overweight and sick. A refugee camp is the biggest source of foreign currency.

Based on ethnological studies and illustrations, colonial reports, South Seas camps and current reportages, SHIT ISLAND explores the entanglement of European imperialism and the staging of South Seas exoticism. For the demise of the former "Pleasent Island" also destroys our projection of a paradisiacal "perfect world".
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Obesity is becoming a global problem

Worldwide, more people die from the consequences of overweight and obesity than from hunger. The big "problem zones" on earth are North America and the South Pacific. And the small island nation of Nauru, which plays the tragic leading role in our SHIT ISLAND project, is the undisputed leader of the countries with the highest rate of overweight and diabetes per inhabitant.

  Here is more information on the topic:

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Soft Core

a love story theatre by Futur3 and ensemble. Summer Blood Cultural Festival 2016.

They touch us. They captivate us. They make us cry and sometimes laugh. Some love them and others hate them. Love scenes - there is hardly a film without them. Again and again they feed our unbroken longing for fulfilled love.

Futur3 transfers the powerful visual worlds of the dream factories to the Cologne wholesale market with an inclusive ensemble. The old auction hall becomes a film studio, the street a set. In front of a running camera, moments of unconditional devotion and cool games flash up in close-up or close-up to explore the soft core of our existence from the most diverse perspectives.
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To the Golden Life

Actions, campfire talks and performance for exit, entry, transition.

Futur3 follows the old dream of getting out, but this time to really make EVERYTHING better. For this, the performers embark on their own personal path to the Golden Life: What are my longings? How do I really want to live? What do I need for that and how do I free myself from all the excess, the huge ecological footprint, the haste, the constantly bad consumer conscience and all the worries?
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One night in Afghanistan

a theatrical camp from Futur3.

Since December 2001, Germany has continuously been one of the largest troop contributors in Afghanistan.The international military mission in Afghanistan is supposed to create a secure environment and enable the reconstruction of democracy. But German military policy must fundamentally redefine itself and the Bundeswehr in view of this deployment! Futur3 takes up this urgently needed discussion about the military as a means of politics artistically and debates it publicly.
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